Curcio Communications

Curcio Communications
Curcio Communications provides marketing and public relations expertise to local organizations interested in acquiring, retaining and increasing their customer base, and who appreciate the value of developing and promoting the brand and profile of their choosing.
Curcio Communications evolved from Gale Curcio's extensive experience as a communications, event management and development professional, in addition to her responsibilities as an editor and reporter for local news publications. Gale currently continues to enhance Curcio Communications’ depth of community knowledge through her concurrent role as a journalist for regional publications including the Connection Newspapers and
Based on the concept that 'everybody has a story, Gale Curcio determines what makes each client unique and how to most effectively disseminate that information to the marketplace via newsletters, local publications, events, social media and networking.
Gale’s preferred connections to the business, government and social communities are critical to the success of her clients’ marketing efforts, by placing her at the confluence of local thought leaders. Gale continues to expand those connections through her active participation in the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce (past board member), The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, Washington Women In PR, and various business organizations.